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England Dodgeball welcomes Firstaid4sport as a new partner

Tweet Ahead of this years European Championships, England Dodgeball have joined forces with leading first aid supplier Firstaid4sport – to take first aid provision in dodgeball to the next level. The Lincoln based company will work with specialist England staff to create a dodgeball specific first aid kit, which will be available across the UK in the near future. Firstaid4sport have also been supporting senior players by providing protective accessories. The company was founded in 2008 by husband and wife, Michael and Gemma Davision. They offer first aid provisions to... Read More


How to Treat Shin Splints

Tweet Shin splints, medically known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) if bone related and Exertional Compartment Syndrome (ECS) if muscle related is a common injury in runners, the causes are widely debated however studies suggest a combination of methods to help treat and prevent this injury. Bone related shin pain is far more common than muscular shin pain and is the result of three variables; body mechanics, extent of activity and bone density. Body mechanics refers to your foot type, foot strike and stride, and body composition all of... Read More


Common Cricket Injuries & How to Prevent Them

Tweet With the hope of drier and warmer weather here in the U.K we see the cricket season starting to pick up and if you play the sport you will know that keeping fit and preventing injuries will help keep you off the side-lines. Whether you are a batter, bowler or both, every cricket player is at risk of injury, but thankfully due to continued research and development of sports medicine products there are several ways to help prevent and treat injuries keeping you at peak performance and in the... Read More


Do treadmills increase the chances of knee injury?

Tweet Love them or hate them, treadmills are a key part of fitness and rehabilitation.  Whether you are new to running, you have been running for years, or perhaps you have recently suffered a treadmill injury and it’s made you question the impact it may or may not be having on your knees?  Our blog will take you through everything you need to know. As with any high impact exercise, it’s inevitable that running carries the risk of injury.  This could be anything from a short term sprain, shin splints... Read More


New Recruit!

Tweet Welcome to the Team! We would like to welcome on aboard Lauren who has joined the Firstaid4sport Customer Service Team! Lauren is a sincere and dedicated professional who joins us with a vast amount of customer service experience within the sports retail market. She is committed to delivering high service standards through exceptional customer care and product knowledge.


Naqi Premier Partner

Tweet Firstaid4sport are proud to announce that we are now a Naqi Premier Partner. Naqi massage lotions are extremely popular in sports environments as they are developed with extended massage in mind and prevent the negative side effects of the mechanical handling of the skin during a massage. Available on our website now or contact the office on 01522 875252.



Tweet Cryotherapy You may have heard the term cryotherapy bandied around the changing rooms by team coaches and medics but if you’re often left wondering what it means, what it entails, what the benefits are and why it’s so popular, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Read on and we’ll take you through the hows, whys and what-ifs of cryotherapy whilst answering the most common questions, giving you a full insight into the world of this revolutionary sports therapy.  So let’s start from the beginning . . . What is... Read More


Firstaid4sport partner NCA Rugby

Tweet Firstaid4sport are proud to announce that we are now the Official Medical and First Aid Partner to NCA Rugby NCA Rugby govern the National Leagues 1, 2 North and 2 South, representing 48 Clubs in all matters relating to the Rugby Football Union. This includes producing fixture lists, administering the leagues and representing the clubs with disciplinary matters. The partnership will allow Firstaid4sport to focus on providing quality products for clubs across the NCA to allow them to help with player recovery as well as injury prevention. Firstaid4sport Director,... Read More


Club Accounts: Why, who and how?

Tweet If there is one thing we know at Firstaid4sport (apart from First Aid of course), it’s Clubs! We understand their sport, their team and of course their requirements in relation to First Aid and Medical Equipment. Yes, every sport may be different, but the fundamentals are the same; Safety comes first, always. One of our first products was the sports specific First Aid kit, which have now grown to cover over 8 sports, and we include our large range of taping and strapping. These are the basics for every team and club... Read More